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Joe Danger Touch
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Joe Danger
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We're the tiny developer behind Joe Danger and No Man's Sky, and we're dedicated to the craft of creating games that will make you cry joyful rainbow tears.



Hello Games was founded in the summer of 2008 by four friends, Sean Murray, Ryan Doyle, David Ream and Grant Duncan. We'd worked together at developers like Criterion, Sumo Digital and Kuju Entertainment. We wanted to bring back fun to games. We saw them getting more and more serious and we missed the vibrancy of what we played when we were growing up. We talked about how Mario Kart had become nonsense when it had once been so amazingly competitive, and how bright and colourful had started to mean casual and easy. We wanted to bring back deep gameplay and great quality.

Joe Danger

Our first game was Joe Danger. It's super-colourful, super-fun and super-challenging. In some ways that was our experience of making it, too. We learned loads the hard way: what it means to insist on coding your own engine; about meeting and doing deals with publishers; about being three programmers and only one artist; about running out of money and Sean having to sell his house to finish it. We released it on PS3 in the summer of 2010, and, incredibly, it recouped its development costs within 12 hours of being on sale.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Before we started a sequel we launched an enhanced version of Joe Danger for Xbox 360, Joe Danger SE. But our eyes were on making a Joe Danger that lived up to our dreams of what the first could have been, if we had more experience, time and money. We moved into a larger studio and took on some new team members. Joe Danger 2: The Movie came out in September 2012, bigger and more varied than ever before - every level introduces something new.

Joe Danger Touch and Joe Danger Infinity

While we were making JD2, Sean started messing around with making a Joe Danger game for iOS. It couldn't just be a rehash with virtual controls, so Joe Danger Touch became something completely new. With Steven Burgess' help we developed an innovative interface based on gestures. It came out in January 2013, and did super well. We then launched a followup, Joe Danger Infinity, in January 2014, which is even better.

No Man's Sky

Since we founded Hello Games we had an idea of a massive game, something incredible. Now we have a chance of making it. We announced No Man's Sky at the VGX in December 2013, and we were amazed by the response. A science-fiction game based in an infinite procedurally generated universe, it's the biggest thing we've ever attempted with our little team.



Behind the Scenes of Joe Danger 2 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best new studio" - Develop Awards, July 2010
  • "Best micro studio" - Develop Awards, July 2010

Selected Articles

  • "We were quite gung-ho in starting up Hello Games. It was led by the heart rather than the head. Initially we were just living off savings, but that ran out quite quickly, so we did what most people would try to do which was find a publisher for our game. However, we found that publishers would try and change what we were making, and seeing as we'd broken off to do our own thing, that was kind of eroding that. We made a tough and, what at the time seemed like a foolish decision. I sold my house and just went all in to fund what we were doing."
    - Edward Smith, International Business Times
  • "As Christmastime surprises go, this one doesn't rank at the top of Sean Murray's list. But late last year, just as the Hello Games co-founder was riding a wave of tremendous success with the U.K. studio he helped build, that wave crested and crashed."
    - Dave Tach, Polygon

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Sean Murray
Founder and managing director

David Ream
Creative director

Ryan Doyle
Technical director

Grant Duncan
Art director

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